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Image processing and analysis


About This Course

This course is an online, open-access program that provides a comprehensive and interactive learning experience for students interested in the field of Earth system science. It is most suitable for master students in the remote sensing, cartography, and geodesy and geoinformatics programs.This course covers a range of topics related to geospatial data analysis, with a particular focus on image processing techniques. Students will gain practical skills in Python programming and libraries such as NumPy and OpenCV. The course also provides an online open-access and interactive coding exercise environment for students, allowing them to practice their skills and test their knowledge (Access this course on GitLab).




Python onboarding

Subject Area

Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics, Cartography

What You Will Learn

  • Basic image processing techniques, including grayscale conversion and histogram equalization
  • Image filtering, including low-pass, high-pass, and median filters
  • Morphological operations, including erosion, dilation, opening, and closing
  • Thresholding techniques, including global and adaptive thresholding
  • Extraction of regions and edges, including contour detection and watershed segmentation
  • Geometric transformations of images, including rotation, translation, and scaling
  • Harris corner detection for feature extraction


Coding4Geo by Yu Feng, Chuan Chen, Yi Zhang


Farzaneh Sadeghi